Rena Deepfake Porn Videos

Rena Deepfake Porn Videos

Rena formerly known as Yebin) is famous K-pop singer and a valuable member of Pristin (프리스틴) girl group!

Stage Name: Rena
Real Name: Kang Yaebin (강예빈)
Probable position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: October 19, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 162.5 cm ((5’4″)
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type: A

Rena Facts:
– She was born in Ilsan, South Korea.
– The other members call her Rere. (According to their vlives)
– Education: DreamVocal Vocal Academy
– Rena used to live in the Philippines for a few years, she said it in a fansign.
– She became a trainee in 2011. Rena started being a trainee in 7th grade.
– Rena attended a practical music school and got accepted to Pledis after an audition.
– Before auditioning for Pledis, Yebin auditioned for TS Entertainment in 2012.
– Rena’s nickname in middle school was “snowman”. She gets cold easily in winter and always wears multiple layers of clothes, ending up looking round like a snowman. (VLive 170313)
– She can play the piano. (HICAM on 170912)
– Rena can speak English too, so Sungyeon and Rena often speak in English together.
– Her specialty is writing songs and playing the drums. She can also play the guitar.
– Rena played drums as a child. Recently her brother started playing the drums as a hobby. She went to his practice room and started exercising her drums skills again, but she’s not yet confident to play in front of the fans, since she’s no longer that good. (VLive 130317)
– Her hobby is watching videos of the international pop artists.
– She is good at memorizing lyrics really fast. (VLive 130317)
– Her favorite food is Ramen.
– She’s very close to Minkyeong and Siyeon.
– She was a backup dancer in Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat” MV.
– She appeared in Seventeen’s “Mansae” MV.
– She was a participant of “Show Me The Money 4”, but was eliminated in the 2nd round.
– During SMTM she was she was so nervous that when the writer passed her the microphone she was shaking so much that he told her “Don’t drop the microphone!”
– After SMTM she was traumatized about forgetting lyrics for a while, but she’s fine now. (VLive 130317)
– Rena’s role model is Lee Hyo Ri. She gets energy from watching her, even just on Youtube.
– She also likes G-Dragon. (VLive 130317)
– She was a participant of the show Produce 101 (ended on rank 29th).