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Risa Watanabe Deepfake Porn Videos

Risa Watanabe Deepfake Porn Videos
Risa Watanabe

Risa Watanabe (渡邉 理佐, Watanabe Risa, born 27 July 1998, in Ibaraki Prefecture) is a member of the female Japanese idol group Keyakizaka46. She also serves as an exclusive model for the female fashion magazine non-no since March 2017. Like other members, Watanabe is represented by Sony Music Labels.

She is a part of the subgroup Aozora to Marry (青空とMARRY) along with Rika Watanabe, Akane Moriya, Yūka Sugai and Manaka Shida.

As part of the subunit, Watanabe made appearances in three songs: Aozora Chigau from Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai, Wareta Sumaho from Fukyōwaon, and Namiuchigiwa o Hashiranai ka? from Kaze ni Fukarete mo