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Ellen Page Deepfake (Step Dad Fucks Ellen in Kitchen)

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Shocking Ellen Page Deepfake

Newest celebrity porn video featuring the famous hollywood actress Ellen Page is finally out and the internet is shocked with the level of realism on this deep fake porn video. If you watched the video above you might already be able to tell that the person who is balls deep inside Ellen Page is not in fact her step father, but rather some shady guy she just met walking by her kitchen.

Not only do we get to watch Ellen Page’s kitchen layout, but we also get to watch a deepfake with Ellen Page getting fucked hard and her majesty screaming in orgasmic agony as the result of that.

One comment

  1. She looks just like my ex step daughter Sarah who used to let me fuck her in the bathroom when her mom was asleep. We had a big scare the time I didn’t pull out quick enough and shot my load inside her. Sarah preferred me to always pull out and fuck her big tits till I came on her cute face.

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