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Geo Antoinette Deepfake (Solo Masturbation)

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Geo Antoinette is known for being a youtuber on JustKiddingFilms, she also has her own vlog called Bart & Geo featuring her husband Bart Kwan. Obviously as a youtuber however, she and other channels compete for that ad revenue and the system is awfully unforgiving, causing youtubers to go against each other for that money they chase. In addition they do the most crudest “pranks,” or fake news and drama they conjure up to gain attention, and more views. However there are also other ways to gain money such as through twitch or the most popular way would be through make Geo Antoinette porn videos! Her recent scandal has definitely put her in a bad position, found to have lied about a large amount of content and created drama. The white knights of the internet have obviously turned against her like the piranhas of the sea ready to kill anything that leaks out blood. Certainly though, through this Geo Antoinette sex video lets see if she actually redeems herself.

Just like any YouTuber, Geo Antoinette starts talking about the sex toy she is going to use on herself. However it does get better as she starts stripping down and showing off her hot tits and playing with her nipples, I admit they are actually pretty nice looking. Geo Antoinette naked bends over backwards letting you see that sweet pussy that her husband is missing out on, as she does not give a crap about. Geo Antoinette nude wants your dick, and quickly starts rubbing her clit getting that vibrating dildo right in her. Geo Antoinette sex videos are pretty great out there as she knows how to adjust the cam for the best view(a big skill youtubers pick up for sure), and starts fucking sweet pussy with. Progressing through the video, you get to see Geo Antoinette nude and fucking herself. Getting into a better position, Geo Antoinette fucks her pussy faster and harder as she is moaning in pleasure. You can certainly tell she is going to cum soon, she wants your dick. In terms of Geo Antoinette celebrity porn, this is much better than other youtubers, the other ones usually don’t have porn videos. Near the end of the video Geo Antoinette topless gets to climax and moans really hot as she cums all over the vibrating dildo. Honestly check out the video, it is much better than this description! Hopefully in the near future we can see more Geo Antoinette deepfake porn as she starts to dwindle more in popularity!

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