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Kim Do-yeon Deepfake (Kpop)

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Kim Do-yeon Deepfake

Kim is a Korean KPop singer famous around Korea, especially among followers of pop idols. This particular deepfake was found on On the video Kim’s face is on the body of a convincing lookalike who is seen stripping and playing with herself. This is yet another K-pop singer to be affected by AI generated faceswaps. Celebrity fakes are not hard to make anymore, so we are likely to start seeing more celebs porn being made using this technology. Maybe we will even get to see: Courtney Miller, Naomi Klye or Jenna Fischer. But for now, we are left with the celebrity porn that we do have.

김도연은 K-pop 소녀 밴드 (음악 그룹) Weki Meki의 멤버입니다. 비디오에서 그녀는 벌거 벗었습니다.

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