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Britney Spears Deepfake (Cheats On Boyfriend Anal Sex)

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This newest Britney Spears Deepfake is truly a sight to behold. We had some high quality celebrity porn deepfakes on adultdeepfakes, but nothing quite as good as this. Not only does this fake video contain Britney Spears naked, it also has some narrative!

In this Britney Spears faceswap, she plays a role of an unfaithful girlfriend who somehow came to the conclusion that Anal sex doesn’t count as cheating. So as she meets her boyfriend’s friend she seduced him into fucking Britney Spears in the ass after she gives him an honest blowjob to get him hard for his travels in the anal channels of Britney. Once her boyfriend comes back to see his girlfriend having hardcore celebrity sex all Britney can say is “Anal doesn’t count, right?”

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