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(Apink) Naeun And Namjoo 김남주 손나은 (Threesome)

+14-115 ratings

This video is certainly a banger, as it is a 3 some with 2 Kpop artists, thats right 2 Kpop Artists! Both of them are from Apink, with Namjoo(Kim Nam-joo) 김남주 and Naeun 손나은. Both of them are singers and actresses, with Namjoo recently said to host a new variety show with Kwon Hyuk and having Weki Meki as the first guest. The temporary title being Idol Lunchbox, they will be working with chefs in Korea to make and give lunch boxes to the idol memebers the viewers are looking forward to. Apparently every lunchbox made will be according to the idol’s preference on food, and upon delivery to have a semi interview with each member to get to know them better. As for Naeun, recently was on a show called Ask in a Box, interviewing Naeun who seems to be dropping things a lot and objects always sleep out of her hands, including recently dropping a pizza on Bomi’s phone. Both of these members are actually incredibly hot sexual deviants who love having sex, and even with other memebers. It is a plus plus as they love having sex, and also they are effectively promoting themselves through this Naeun and Namjoo celebrity sex video!

Starting off the Naeun and Namjoo deepfake, we have Namjoo naked waist down having her pussy licked by the guy as Naeun is on the side watching. Namjoo nude gets to it and rubs her pussy right on his face and moans in pleasure with every lick. Naeun on the side is so jealous just watching her friend get licked. Namjoo rubs herself enough that she actually cums in this Naeun and Namjoo deepfake porn! Naeun after gets on top to get her pussy licked as well on the guy’s face, she smiles as she gets closer to an orgasm. As the guy licks faster, Naeun cums from the licking and she gets right on top as Naeun sticks the guy’s cock right into her as she rides right on top of his just rubbing her way to another orgasm. On the other hand in the Namjoo deepfake, she rubs the guy’s nipples and nibbles on his near making him fuck Naeun faster. Naeun nude gets immpatient and gets on top of the cock and Namjoo starts making out with the guy. Eventually the guy gets both Naeun celebrity deepfake and Namjoo deepfake porn lying both on a missionary position as he fucks them both. And like the money shot right before the guy comes he gets up and cums right into Namjoo’s mouth and all over Naeun’s face. This Naeun and Namjoo celebrity porn is definitely a great crossover any Kpop fan should watch, hopefully there will be some more Naeun and Namjoo deepfake porn videos!

[강간하면서 몸집이 작은 케이팝 우상의 뜨거운 성인 비디오를 즐기십시오! 누드 APINK (
Naeun and Namjoo)은 많은 가짜 포르노 장면에 등장하며 모든 종류의 사람들과 섹스를합니다.]

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