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IU Porn 아이유 (Molested and Fucked Doctors Office)

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Korean singer IU 아이유 is back on the Melon, Genie, Bugs and others with her 2012 single Peach which is about a recently Kpop death Sullie, from the perspective of a man that is from her album “Spring of a Twenty Year Old.” She went from 29 to 18 which is an impressive feat especially for an old song of hers, she literally did not have to do anything for this rise to fame which is amazing. Obviously though IU knows that she wants to get number 1 on the charts, and since half the work is already done she just needs to do the promoting. IU definitely knows how to attract her fans, and that is through her hot smoking tight Asian body. And you know it, by making a IU celebrity deepfake porn video!

Starting off this IU celebrity sex tape, we see her in a doctors office in a school girl outfit for a “check up.” In the next scene we see IU topless as she is laying down on the table with her tits out, the doc starts rubbing around her tits presumably to check for anything wrong. And like any doc would if you had a Kpop girl on your table he starts really rubbing around those boobs and starts squeezing them around the nipples and really starts grabbing them. This IU deepfake is so good as you can see her face really get horny as her nipples get pinched and groped. After this we Iu get placed on another table with a cloth over her waist as she can’t look through. It is so hot in this IU celebrity porn as we can see her cute vagina as we also see IU’s face on the other side with pleasure on her face as her clit gets rubbed. The doc really gets into it in this IU celebrity porn as she started getting fingered, IU clearly cannot take it as she softly moans as her legs start shaking a little bit. The doctor starts making some very interesting “tests” as he takes a vibrator and puts it right on her clit, it is so hot as she moans with that soft voice and squeals and her waist starts quivering. And now on to the next test in this IU deepfake porn! He takes a straight up vibrating dildo to put right in that tight snatch and he thrusts right into her wet pussy. Clearly this IU celeb porn is ready for the next big test, the hitachi vibrator as it produces earthquakes for girls as this is guaranteed to get a girl to cum. IU moans and squeals even louder trying to close her legs, and shakes so hard as she is nearly cumming. And now the part you have been waiting for in this IU celebrity porn, the doctor finally puts his dick right into her as she really loves every thrust that goes right into her. Getting faster and faster Iu grabs the sides of the bed trying to get a grip as she gets fucked. And with every money shot, the doc nuts right into her and we can see that sweet creampie as it squirts right out of that tight snatch with a little peek of her cute asshole. This IU sex tape is certainly of incredibly high caliber and is no doubt going to make her get higher in the charts, and hopefully we can see more of IU celeb porn videos soon!

[강간하면서 몸집이 작은 케이팝 우상의 뜨거운 성인 비디오를 즐기십시오! 누드 (
IU)는 많은 가짜 포르노 장면에 나타나며 모든 종류의 사람들과 섹스를합니다.]

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