Salma Hayek Deepfake(POV Handjob)

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Published on November 22, 2019

Salma Hayek who is also known as Salma Hayek Pinault is American and Mexican who makes films and acts in them as well. She is known for her roles for Mexican telenovas where she has won a number of awards including the Ariel Award. This also includes her roles for American films like From Dusk Till Dawn, Dogma, and some others. At some point, Salma Hayek was acting in a film called Frida where she was awarded and nominated for several awards such as the Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe Award, and some others as well. However a recent scandal has been halting her potential roles for upcoming films and television shows as there as been some hints that there are some Salma Hayek celebrity porn videos, and Salma Hayek nudes that were found on the internet as she has been reported to have been in some orgies where the videos had been leaked by the camera people themselves. In this case this Salma Hayek deepfake porn was actually a handjob that was extremely hot and uploaded to some fan sites that worship Salma Hayek and anything related to her. The moment this Salma Hayek celeb porn was on the site, it had spread like a virus and immediately infected every single nearest related website and beyond that as well such as the Mexican news channels, celebrities and so forth. The Salma Hayek deepfakes porn video has actually been hunted down by her lawyers in their attempt to cover it up and call it fake news. However we managed to have it here today, so lets check out this Salma Hayek deep fake porn here!

Starting out with Salma Hayek nude we get to see her bare tits on screen as they look so perfect and huge that they could bounce right into your face if they were not held inside a bra. Along side in this Salma Hayek celebrity porn video we also have a huge cock on the screen where she is handling it. This Salma Hayek deepfake porn turned out to be a personal video with her and a fan where she decided to give him a sweet hand job and possibly a blow job that would blow his mind if he ever came. And thus we have Salma Hayek starting to stroke this massive cock as she wants us to join along jerking us off so we can cum to her sweet tits and face that we all want to jizz on. She moans along and starts to touch her self in this Salma Hayek celeb porn as she just loves to see the cock tremble with every touch as she jerks off this cock slowly. But surely enough as the camera angle changes in this Salma Hayek deepfakes porn we get to have this wanking go at a faster and faster speed as this cock cannot take it any further. Knowing this, Salma Hayek opens her mouth inviting us to jizz right inside it as she starts to immediately suck at incredible speeds and forces that would make your mind go wild from this Salma Hayek deepfake porn. After the video, Salma Hayek smiles and asks to get fucked by you, unfortunately though that is part of another video. But this Salma Hayek celebrity porn video is definitely something you will want to watch, but be sure to keep an eye out for the other Salma Hayek celeb porn!

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