Zendaya Coleman Deepfake

Published on March 5, 2018
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Zendaya Coleman Deepfake

This is the first deepfake video Zendaya Coleman Deepfake and the first deepfakeporn from CastPet. Zendaya Coleman is 21 years old and an american actress, she is popular for her role as Rocky Blue in a famous Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up. On the video the celebrity is seen completely naked, first masturbating and proceeding to have sex on a white bed in brightly light room.


  1. Wow!
    This took some skill. Just finding a porn-clone resembling our
    charming Miss Coleman is a challenge. I’ve notice it’s hard to
    find matches for some of these unique starlets. Zen, being bi-racial and
    having such uniquely identifying features, her hands, feet, complexion
    and body dimensions are probably the hardest to find. Hat’s Off to you!
    Bravo and many thanks.

  2. To the Creator of this, CastPet.
    #1 Well done, this was one of the best fakes I’ve ever seen.
    #2 Please do more. Some celebs are definitely lacking in quality fakes. Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice comes to mind. Most of the vids, they’re faces are just coming off and such and really ruins it. But you’ve perfected this so I think you could do really well.

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