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Natalie Dormer Deepfake Anal Fuck

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Natalie Dormer Deepfake Anal Fuck

This is yet another Natalie Dormer deepfake here on adultdeepfakes, this one by mr Ugarrus fakes, this particular Deepfake porn video was found on his tumblr account, which you can access by following this link, I do recommend you to do so, there is some good stuff there.

Natalie Dormer – the actress who played Margaery Tyrell in the popular dark fantasy tv series “Game of thrones” is seen on the video completely naked. She can be seen having sex in a bedroom on a bed with white sheets, she first gets fucked normally and then proceeds to anal. The quality is very good, this is one of the better face swaps, unfortunately there is no sound, hopefully I will be able to fix that soon.


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