Gal Gadot Deepfake (Imagine Sex)

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Watch this Gal Gadot Deepfake, where the famous DC actress who played Wander Woman in various Hollywood movies gets to participate in a sexy photo shoot. This naked photo session quickly turns into a full on celebrity porno video as Gal Gadot discovers how much she likes to show off her nude body and feel a big white dick throbbing the back of her throat. As Gal Gadot takes off her military uniform costume that she was wearing for the photo session she slowly gets on her all fours in preparation for the backdoor delivery of pure dick she’s been waiting for without even knowing it.

In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak you, the viewer get to imagine not the celebrity video of them rich bastards singing, but instead a genuine Hollywood deepfake for a reasonable amount of time, which shows the distinct pornographic features of this wonderful AI technology.

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