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(SNSD) Taeyeon Deepfake (Blowjob POV) 김태연 딥페이크

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My god, this is a daaamn good Taeyeon Deepfake! Usually porn video deepfakes featuring blowjobs are hard to make, but the creator succeeded with this one. It is evident that it’s a fake, but the number of visual artifacts is minimal. Besides this video being impressing technologically, it is also a very hot recording of a blowjob, the porn actress is doing her best to make the POV gentleman cum as she controls the speed and pressure well. One of the best, if not the best blowjob deepfake video.

김태연 딥페이크 입으로


  1. @PurpleAnon Judging by the wild hair and the goofy intense facial expressions, I’d say the pornstar is Maryjane Auryn. Just look up her video and find it.

  2. Plz make more like these( i mean in HD) Blowjobs with mouth used of TWICE … TZUYU MOMO and red velvet Seulgi too
    And also do make blowjob of tzuyu and Jihyo but the jihyo ones should have gae resemblance with her not like any fat Japanese women
    Tzuyu all the way pls!!!

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