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(AOA) Seolhyun Deepfakekpop (POV Blowjob action) 설현 딥페이크

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Seolhyun Deepfake

Yay, more Seolhyun Deepfakes, your favorite Korean Kpop singer and member of Korean girl band AOA. On the deepfake video above she can be seen sucking some guy off while looking directly at the camera. Wow, I couldn’t see that coming, I mean it’s no secret that Seolhyun has naked pictures on the web, but this is a step up from that stuff, this is a video of Seolhyun giving a blowjob to some unknown individual! Shocker! Spread the news!

This “Seolhyun Deepfake” is of course fake, it’s a deepfake – an AI faceswap video. They are  faceswaps celebrity fakes that are hard to make. But there are plenty deepfakes out there already, such as deepfakes of Korean girls from AOA, OMG, APINK, BlackPink and etc

설현 딥페이크


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