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Anita Sarkeesian Solo Deepfake

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The greatest gaming feminist of the all, Anita Sarkeesian, masturbating on this online video. Yes, this is indeed Solo porn featuring Anita fucking Sarkeesian. This is, of course just a deepfake. Deepfakesporn has finally reached even the likes of her. Adultdeepfakes and other sites have been publishing these deep fakes (AI face swaps) featuring celebs doing what no celeb would ever do on camera, that’s right, celebrity porn!


  1. Very much wanted to see her twat fucked hard, excellently done one of the best synced I’ve seen great model for her. Pity about the voice, hers is so distinctive you know she wouldn’t sound like that

  2. Very good Deepfake!! We need more of her. You seem to have a good model of her now so I hope we see more Anita from you in the future.

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