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Carrie Fisher Deepfake Young Solo

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Yes, I know, this is a Carrie Fisher Deepfake. Adultdeepfakes has seen a few actresses so far: hollywood, streamers, cosplay, tv personas, instagram models. youtubers, Korean girl bands (Kpop), you name it. But this is the first truly, retro, deepfakeporn. Carrie Fisher, is a celebrity who played Princess Leia in a famous series Star Wars, and who had recently deceased is seen on the porn video playing with herself in a costume.

There is nothing more adult about this porndeepfake than a celeb doing solo porn for you to watch online for free, here at Adult deep fakes, we believe that famous people work well as AI faceswaps porn vids with pornstars.


  1. This isnt actually a deppfake. Its from Star Wars XXX. You can only find the whole movie (2hr) on thepiratebay

  2. So its an excerpt from a porn parody not a C fisher deep fake…however it might make the perfect starting footage if anyone wants to make a genuine deep fake version. 😉

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