IU Deepfake (Blowjob Princess) 아이유 딥페이크 [HQ]

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Published on June 15, 2019

IU Deepfake

Watch as your favorite K Pop superstar IU gives a blowjob to some some guy. IU is known for her occasional slutty behavior, and it’s not big shocker that the Korean singer IU prefers her dicks big and in her mouth as soon as possible. On this video you get to see everything for the POV perspective, meaning from the point of view of the man. In the background there is a bedroom and IU is faceswapped with a face on an Asian porn actress or an amature.

This IU deepfake porn video was made using a variety of techniques, including deep learning and neural networks.

귀엽다 아이유 딥 페이크 입으로 코스프레 복장


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