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Taeyeon Deepfakes (Kpop)

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More Taeyeon Deepfakes, she is a Korean Kpop singer. On the video she can be seen stripping, this online video is of course a deepfake – an AI faceswap video.

Celebrity deepfake are everyone, and celeb porn videos are on the rise! Want to see their favorite celebs having sex on camera? Youtubers(Youtube), Cosplay models, Kpop singer(Korean Girl-bands), Hollywood actresses, Fashion models, Streamers, TV Personas, anyone! You are 3 clicks away from celeb porn. This definitely looks like real celebrity sex movie, not with a hidden footage, but good enough.

Those AI generated faceswaps celebrity fakes are not hard to make. There are plenty deepfakes out there already, such as: Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Selena Gomez, Nicholas Cage or others were replaced with someone elses, like: Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones, or Sophie Turner, also from the same movie. Porn Face Swaps could be everywhere, and would surely make the news. Adultdeepfake is only one of places where this sort of nude photos and videos can be found


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